Best Denver locations for family photos with your dog

The Carlin family was such a joy to photograph! I was thrilled to be able to provide fall Colorado photos for them since they are newer to the state. Baby Juliette provided smiles sparingly during our session but when we incorporated Pup Sadie, Juliette was ALL about it! She LOVES Sadie so much and had a blast saying “doggy” during the session and pointing out all the other dogs too. Juliette and Sadie definitely had a classic baby / doggo best-friend relationship! 

Here’s a tip on how to best include your dog for your Colorado family photos. 

I LOVE when clients bring dogs along for their sessions because they’re an important part of the family. However, I do want to encourage you to really consider how well your dog does with commands, being around strangers (ie – me!), and with your kids running around a lot and playing. If your Doggo doesn’t do well with all that, might be best to leave them at home. But if you think they’ll do really well, please bring them along! 

I do suggest that you plan to have a friend or family member (who’s not in the family photos) to come with you to the shoot to handle Pup when they’re not in the pictures. This will allow for all of you to be less distracted when we’re photographing just the human members of the family. 

Now that you’ve figured out who is going to be in the photos (humans and furry members), it’s time to pick the location of where the photo session is going to be. 

Need some help identifying the perfect location for your Denver family photos? 

A beautiful spot on the west side of Denver is Golden History Park, which is where the Carlin’s decided to have their fall family session. At the park, you’ll find gorgeous trees, real cabins from the 1800s, a beautiful creek, towering hills, and lots of unique backgrounds for your family photos. 

Here are a few other locations to consider for your Dever family photos – 

  • Westminster Dog Park – Yes this is a dog park, BUT it is HUGE and has amazing open field space with views of the mountains in the background! If you’re looking for more of an open field vibe and would like to bring your Pup along, this is a great location! 
  • Standley Lake – This is a great location because it has a lake view with water, mountain views, PLUS lots of open space with big open fields for running and playing. 
  • McKay Lake – This is an awesome location because there is variation with the water in the background, but also tons of trees and leaves that are gorgeous in the fall. It also has a barn with donkeys which provides opportunities for great unique shots with kids. 
  • Mt Falcon – Perfect for beautiful valley vistas. 
  • Lair O’ the Bear – This area is perfect if you’re looking for woodland scenery mixed with beautiful creek crossings. 
  • Red Rocks  – While known for the amphitheater, there are fantastic mountain views with amazing rock formations, with some monoliths standing taller than Niagra Falls! 

Bonus Tip! 

Learn my #1 suggestion on what to consider when you’re picking the best location in Denver for your family photos. 

I’d love to chat with you about where you’d like to have your session and who you’d like to be in your photos! Let’s create amazing Colorado family photos together! Visit my contact page today. 



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