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Working with newborn babies is such a joy! I have the unique opportunity to meet a baby during the first few days of its life, before it has been introduced to much of the world. It’s such an honor and privilege to capture the preciousness of this little one’s life, to freeze this moment in time for the parents to recall their baby’s little toes, fingernails, wisps of hair, tiny smile, and delicate eyelashes.  

I can empathize with the delicate timing for when I’m coming into your home, so soon after birth and introducing a new member to the family dynamic. In spite of this, I always want to encourage the whole family to participate in the lifestyle part of the photo session. I want you to be able to look back 10 years from now and vividly recall some of the first few days you had with your baby and the place you brought them home to. I want you to be able to see how you looked at your baby, to remember the amazingness and challenges of those first few days, weeks, and months spent adjusting. 

I want to provide you with upfront information to help you feel confident about this session. Below are some details about how the newborn session will flow, when to book, and how to prepare. 

When’s the best time to book your Denver Newborn Photo Session? 

During the pregnancy, I suggest that you reserve your session date about a week from your due date with the understanding that we’ll be in touch once the baby is born to finalize a date. I keep my schedule flexible around booked newborn sessions, so we can hit that ideal 7-14 day old window to hold the session. This is also why I’m careful not to book back-to-back newborn sessions. 

Why should the baby be 7-14 days old?

After two weeks, babies start to be more awake and alert, so if you want gorgeous sleepy baby images, under 14 days old is ideal. Also, I often don’t book sessions before the baby is seven days old because baby and parents are still learning schedules, starting their feeding journeys, and adjusting to newborn life at home.

How long is the session?

My newborn sessions are typically 2-3 hours long to allow for baby to lead the session and ensure we’re not rushed. If baby is crying a lot, it allows time to soothe or feed them. Newborns are also going to have meltdowns, and I come prepared with tips and tricks to calm them. I’m prepared for this to happen and build in extra time to account for it. We’ll work with the baby’s schedule and what they need – to eat, diaper change, a rest, etc. 

How is the session structured?

To incorporate images with family and also baby details, I split my newborn photo sessions into two parts –  

I request that you keep baby awake for an hour before the session to ensure they’re nice and sleepy when we start. When I first walk in the door, I’ll ask that the baby is fed while I check out the house for the best lighting situation.

Then we’ll focus on the lifestyle part of the session where we’ll capture the family together. Mom, I’ll encourage you to select an outfit that’s comfortable and you feel confident in. The rest of the family can compliment mom, but don’t forget about Baby’s outfit! We want the baby to also match the rest of the family too. Neutral colored long-sleeve onesies (gray, pink, light blue, white) or a little dress are great. You’re welcome to have a couple outfits, but I caution against having several because the clothing changes will often wake up and frustrate baby. 

Next, I’ll ask that the baby is fed again. Now, parents get to chill while I work through the posed section where I’ll capture the detailed shots of all of baby’s little features. 

I’ll bring all the props we need (wraps, swaddles, blankets, cute containers, etc). We can use small areas of your house with good lighting to set up. 

Where do newborn sessions happen?

The session will take place in your home. Worried about finding time to clean the whole house? Don’t be! 

We’ll chat before the baby is born about which rooms of your home are the most important to you. As a natural light photographer, I’ll also ensure that these rooms also have at least one window. 

These important rooms are the only ones that need to be cleaned. Anything that you can visually see in the room will be in pictures. So consider removing diaper genies, phone charger cords, dog toys, and cleaning the floors. The whole space definitely doesn’t have to be spotless, just a small area on the floor near a window. 

Sessions often take place in the baby’s nursery, the parent’s bedroom, or in the living room. 

How do I prepare?

After cleaning a couple areas of the house and choosing outfits, you’ll want to consider if there are any cherished items you want to be in the pictures with baby. 

  • A blanket that grandma made 
  • Anything that’s special to the family
  • Cute little shoes
  • A special gift for the baby
  • Something that the parents wore when they were little
  • Also let me know about any pieces of furniture that are family heirlooms that you’d like to include in images

My goal is to provide you with an outline of how the newborn shoot will go, but with the complete understanding that babies are unpredictable. I plan to follow your baby’s lead, have a relaxing session, and capture images that you and your baby will cherish for years to come. 



  1. Taylor says:

    Oh my gosh, Kelsey! This is such a beautiful blog for so many reasons! The photos, the information, and the grace you come to each of your sessions with. I LOVE everything in here.

  2. Kimi says:

    So much helpful advice in this beautiful blog Kelsey! Love these photos as well!

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    Great tips and beautiful photos of a beautiful baby!!

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    Absolutely beautiful images & very helpful advice! LOVE!!

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