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3 Tips for Styling Outfits for Your Fall Colorado Family Photos

One of the most frequent things I hear from moms that causes pause with booking a fall family photoshoot is that they don’t know what to wear. I want you to feel prepped, ready and excited about your family photos. So, below I put together a few suggestions for choosing and coordinating your outfits. 

Styling Tip #1 – Start with Mom

I’m going to talk directly to Mom here. I encourage you to pick your outfit first and build from there. When you’re deciding what to wear to your family session, pretend like you’re getting ready for a date. Try to pick a bold color or a subtle pattern. Select an outfit that you feel really good in, that makes you feel comfortable and confident, and allows for movement. If you love to rock a maxi dress, that’s perfect! The movement from the dress will bring some drama to your photos. If you really hate long dresses, though, please don’t choose one for your session! I’m just encouraging you to select an outfit that feels a little special and not something you’d wear at home.

Styling Tip #2 – Everyone compliments Mom and stays away from neon

The rest of the family should compliment Mom’s outfit. Neutrals are best. Your kids and husband can wear subtle patterns or solid colors, depending on what you chose. And remember to choose colors that will bring out the scenery of your session location and compliment each other without being too matchy matchy. 

Pro tip: Loud patterns, logos, and bright neon colors tend to take over the image and distract from the gorgeous Colorado scenery. I’d steer clear of those.

Styling Tip #3 – Keep your location in mind

Ideal locations for fall family photos in Colorado are all about the colors, being outside in the crisp air, and enjoying this moment you get to spend with your spouse and kids. 

Sometimes the location isn’t one you’d even expect! With the Maco family, we found this gorgeous pond with a nice walking area just outside of a pediatrician’s office. But this environment looks very different than venturing into downtown Denver and your outfits should reflect that.. 

The Maco’s did a fantastic job ensuring that their outfits didn’t clash with the gorgeous yellow trees, take away from the fall colors, or prevent them from playing during the photo session. But don’t think that your kiddos need to match. It would have been just as beautiful if one of the Littles had on a different fall colored dress. 

When you’re selecting an outfit, sometimes shoes are the last things considered. But, I would caution you to select them with care. During my sessions, I encourage A LOT of play, so kids will be running around, parents will be interacting with them, and you’ll want to be comfortable. To get some amazing shots, you might be standing on slightly squishy ground beside a pond, other times we might be in beautiful tall grass in a field, and at different times you might need to step on a few slippery rocks out towards the middle of the river. Of course, we’ll never select a setting you’re not comfortable with, but if you have a specific image in your head that you absolutely love, I want to ensure your outfits and shoes make it safe for that photo to happen.

My goal is for you to feel super prepared and stoked for your session. If you’d like to have a styling consult before the photoshoot, I’m always here to help. Some people LOVE putting together outfits and styling the family, while others loathe this part. I don’t want styling to deter you from getting in front of the camera and allowing me to capture memories with your family. Please reach out, and we can chat more! 

I can’t wait to photograph your family with Colorado’s gorgeous fall colors! 

Happy sessions! 


  1. Taylor says:

    These photos are beautiful, Kelsey! I love their outfits and All your awesome tips on what to wear. Way to go!

  2. Colleen says:

    Great tips! Beautiful photos!

  3. kimi says:

    great advice! love these photos in the leaves!

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