5 tips for a stress-free outdoor family photo shoot

Does the idea of hiring a photographer for an outdoor family photoshoot terrify you? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with my 5 favorite tips for a stress-free photo session! 

1. Make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled session time. This ensures that all kids are awake and alert after a car ride where they might fall asleep depending on how far you have to drive, or any potential issues of traffic or running out the door.

2. Make sure all outfits Coordinate but do not clash. a lot of times mom or daughter will wear a pattern, with the other wearing a subtle pattern to match the original pattern outfit. all other family members should dress in neutral prints to complement rather than clash with that pattern.

3. Find a photographer who focuses on fun for the kids during your session. Photo sessions outdoors should be lots of playing, running, and jumping for the kids while mom and dad look beautiful and more posed.

4. Expect your photographer to give you prompts and poses that sound goofy but look awesome on camera. Be willing to listen to your photographer, take their advice, and relax and have fun otherwise the photos will look a little stiff and you want to make sure there’s lots of movement and playing during the session. If your family is more modest or uncomfortable with things like hugging kissing etc. Make sure to tell your photographer in advance of your session so they can plan alternate poses for you And your family.

5. Before even booking a photographer, Plan on printing your photographs either in a family album or in framed artwork for your walls. These gorgeous images will do nothing for you sitting on social media but will look amazing serving as family yearbooks that you can re-create year after year in your child’s nursery or bedrooms, or by hanging up wall art in your family’s home.

Bonus Tip! If you aren’t ready to invest yet in a full family session consider signing up for a mini session with a local photographer. Many sessions are typically the same format as a family session just condensed into a smaller timeframe. This is great for young kids who aren’t able to focus for an entire 45 minute to an hour long session, and you get awesome images to choose from even though there’s a lesser amount of them that will be delivered to you. A lot of times photographers will let you purchase additional images in addition to your package for a fee. You should be able to order similar products if you choose a photographer who sells prints and products, and you’ll get The most bang for your buck by signing up for a mini session with your favorite photographer.

Are you or someone you know looking to book a family or newborn photo session? Reach out and we can chat about what you are looking for!

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