Build the website of your dreams, in just one day!

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Creatives! Are you ready to

build a website in less than one day that effortly attracts luxury clients?

Does building a website make you want to rip your hair out?

I totally get it, it feels like you need to have a masters degree in computer engineering just to set up your website! Nobody told you coding was required for a photography business!

Have you looked into hiring a designer and realized they cost anywhere from $2,000 - $10,000 and decide you will create that luxury website that matches your brand  "one day"?

Is your website currently non-existent or struggling? 

When it goes live you want it to attract your dream clients in your sleep, but you don't know anything about SEO either, am I right? 

Your website doesn't even work on mobile, and you have no clue how to fix it.

Or are you still using your generic photo delivery website like Pixieset or Shootproof?

Spoiler alert - that's not a real website! I'm sure you have hit a few walls while trying to edit these sites. There are very few options to customize it, and don't even get me started on the lack of SEO capabilities on these platforms. 

You know what you want your website to look like, but have zero idea where to start

I see you snooping on those other creatives online, oogling over their website design eye candy that you wish so badly to replicate. Those business owners have it ALL. Those business owners are making thousands of dollars more than you to pay for a high-end designer who can curate the website of their dreams. Those business owners also probably only work 3 hours every day and spend the rest of the day shopping or on social media. Okay that may not be totally true, but you get the idea!

Have you tried to optimize your website for mobile use, but there is that one little thing that you just can't fix without coding? 

Let me guess...

if you could feel like this...

Your website has launched, it is fully customizable for everything you could possibly dream up on both desktop and mobile, and it matches the level of luxury clients and price point that you want. And the best part? You completed it by yourself in just. one. day. 

Your website attracts high-end clients in your sleep, where they can book at their convenience without taking up any of your precious time. 

You have other creatives messaging you asking you what designer you hired, because they HAVE to hire them as well.

My only question for you is, what are you going to do with all that extra free time?


Introducing Level up to

A two hour course that will teach you the steps to launch your website in one day, without wanting to rip your hair out or learning how to code. 

It's time to stop wishing you could have a website that matches your seamless luxurious client experience, and turn that boring website into a high end client booking machine! 


Tackle your website in just a few short hours. No coding required, I promise!! 

By the end of this course you will have all the knowledge you need to walk away with a 4 page ShowIt website in a day. Even better? You will have the skills to make edits on the fly in just minutes whenever your website needs a tuneup down the road. 




Build your website including up to 4 pages in just ONE DAY!

Curate a luxury design that converts clients while you sleep

Harness the power of SEO to drive traffic to your site for a fully booked calendar!

"Kelsey helped me to set goals and launch my business in a realistic and successful way."

What's in the course?

Imagine the feeling of having a website that is done. And not only that, but one that drives traffic from Google, and books clients for you while you sleep. the best part? You can do this, in just one day with my help!  


             is the solution you have been waiting for, join me inside my course where I share all my best kept secrets for launching your high end website in just one day!

Getting started with ShowIt

what's included!

We will set up your ShowIt website, choose a template, learn the basics of how to use ShowIt, and learn about blog options with ShowIt. 

Adding Your Brand

You will learn how to customize your site to include your business name and information, upload your branding photos and client photos, add your custom fonts and colors, and how to apply them to your site.

Learning the basics

I will walk you through how to navigate between different pages, understand what settings are available and how to access them, the quickest way to edit templates, and how to add media and text to your site

Craft a

We will dive into how to curate a luxurious Home Page, About Me Page, Pricing Page, Gallery, and Contact Me Page that will convert clients while you sleep!


I will screen share as I walk through how to build a Home Page in just 30 minutes! Learn all my secrets for how to efficiently build your site!

Watch me work!

I will show you where to update your SEO keywords using Showit, and how to connect your Showit website with your domain host. Then we will publish your site!

SEO & Final details

Check Out

 Client experience

Sure, you COULD hire a designer and pay anywhere from $2,000-$10,000 for a custom website that you have to continue to pay for them to maintain ongoing.

OR you can use my course and a FREE ShowIt template to build your own high end site, and learn my top secrets for how to maintain it on your own in the future.

Level Up to



3 Hour Course
6 Modules
One Watch Me Work Video
Resource Checklist
6 Bonus Videos

meet the educator

I'm the photographer behind Level up to Luxury. I help busy photographers build a website of their dreams in just one day so they can get back to focusing on the important things, their clients. I’m here to help you tackle your website, and elevate your brand, with no coding required, in as little time as possible! 

So what are you waiting for? LET'S BUILD YOUR DREAM WEBSITE!

Hi friend, I'm


What if I'm not able to build my site in a day?

If you don't have a full 24 hour block to build out your website, you can take a full week if you want. What I teach you in this course will help you launch your website regardless of how long it takes you. 

Still have questions? I've got you!

Do I have to use ShowIt? Or can I use another website platform?

The secrets I teach you are specific to the ShowIt website platform. You will need to create a ShowIt account to apply what you learn from this course. It is not transferrable to another platform.

Does this course teach me how to optimize SEO for my website?

I will show you where you can add in SEO keywords within ShowIt, but I will not be explaining how to find those keywords. For more information on SEO optimization, check out my SEO course coming soon!

What if I have other Showit questions?

ShowIt has an extremely robust help center with support available during normal work hours M-F. They also have lots of help articles if you have additional questions for how to create the website of your dreams!

DO I need to have content for my site ready in advance?

Yes! The easiest way to bust out a website in a day is if you have your page copy, pictures, and branding all created before starting my course. I cannot guarantee building a website in just one day without this content ready to go.

Can you just design my website for me Kelsey?

Actually, I do offer this service! I offer it on a very limited basis, I only take a handful of clients every month, reach out for more information, or look for the 'done for me' option on my work with me page!

Where do you want your business to be 1 year from today?

You don't have to join this course today, but

What's the alternative?

Have a generic website that isn't bringing you any additional clients?

Learn my secrets to create a high end website in ONE DAY that converts clients while you sleep!

Sitting in the exact same spot one year from now

Continue feeling frustrated that you can't easily customize your current website?

OR you can level up to


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